Space, the journey

The industrial revolution brought prosperity, but that prosperity came at a price.
The earth is polluting. Plastics pollute our waters, the air is no longer clean.

Because of prosperity and our consumption society, we are making a significant attack on our available resources.
The welfare and desire for more causes a significant CO2 emission, which causes us to warm our planet.
Is our earth still a place where future generations can find a place to live safely? When will all resources be gone? What have we done to our planet?
Not only the physical earth is a concern. Humans are constantly changing. While I embrace change, we also see adverse effects.
Something that really bothers me is the increasing individualization. I often miss “together.” Standing together for a goal, a mission, a dream. There is usually a “what’s in it for me.”

Egos collide, the earth is not only heating up in terms of temperature but also in terms of threats. Although we live in a relatively safe world, the threat has increased.
The ‘Doomsday Clock,’ the symbolic clock that indicates how close the world is to a global catastrophe, has been moved to 100 seconds before midnight. The clock of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists has never been this close to midnight.
Midnight is a global disaster caused by humans. Military tensions and developments are included in the recital but also influences such as climate change.

The project wants to express concern and contribute to the awareness that we must intervene now!