Seasons of Life Project

A project inspired by the circle of life. Started as an Artistic Research Project, it evolved into a project which is inspired by the loss of my father. When he passed away in 2012, I felt the need to express my emotions with a musical composition but didn’t feel the time was right. Starting the Artist in Progress program, surfaced the desire to pick this up.

In general, this audiovisual production is inspired by the process of having to deal with the loss of loved ones and takes the spectator/listener through a wide array of emotions, memories, and dreams, portrayed through image and sound in one through-composed work.

The work consists of 5 chapters, portraying various phases in human life. The studio composed pieces are completed by four live musicians on stage and will be delivered in a quadrophonic experience.

The experience is completed by visuals, produced by four graphical artists. To be experienced live @ The BMEC Artistic Research Festival, June 2019!