About me

Gizmosis is the artist name of a person with a strong desire to create and to explore.

[vc_column_text]Gizmosis –  “A disease in which people become obsessed affected with any advanced technological device, usually pointless and/or confusing” (source: urbandictionary). However, the technology Gizmosis is using, is not pointless, although it might be confusing.

Gizmosis – real name Ton van Hout – has a strong desire to explore and experience electronic devices and advanced software. After learning how to play the electric organ at a young age, he got way more interested in the modern sound of synthesizers. Because of the lack of money as a young kid he built his own and started learning about sound creation and sound synthesis.

When he joined a garage band, he also started to explore sound engineering. For years Ton could be found behind mixing desks during various gigs and performances for several groups and at W2 Poppodium. After a couple of years, he picked up live gigging in a cover band. It was great to get on stage again but playing covers didn’t give him the desired satisfaction any longer.

To explore new grounds, he started his “Tony and Friends” projects to bring people together, to offer them a stage and create something accessible for everyone. Tony and Friends create an intimacy between the public and the musicians as every song shares their personal story and motivation behind it. The shows are free of charge and are described as getting into a warm bath of a mix of a passion for music and unreserved emotions. The Tony and Friends projects based their repertoire mainly on covers, and again it felt like something was missing. Now it was time for a drastic change and a real new direction.

Brainport Music Experience Centre started a new curriculum, entirely focused on the development and coaching of established artists and emerging talent from all over the country. The new curriculum focuses on artistic research. This was the final step to trigger a significant change! Gizmosis was born.

Gizmosis is highly fascinated by the circle of life. This fascination was the inspiration for his first project “The seasons of life” which will be performed during the Artistic Research Festival in June 2019.