Johan Moeskops | Graphical Artist, Percussion

As a little boy, he often used his hands to frame what he saw. Taking a picture in that way inspired him a lot. During his youth, he photographed extensively. That’s why it was obvious he did a photography education at the Fotovakschool.

He has worked in the photography industry for about 15 years. As he would like to catch the movement of what he saw, he invested in other tools: a film camera, light, and dolly. Besides those  also a jib and a Steadicam. He attended a camera and director course. Later he attended various motion graphics and editing courses.

Music and sound are a common theme throughout his life. After studying classical piano and organ in his younger years, he followed a jazz education around the age of 20. During all those years he played in several bands.

He started getting interested in analog sounds from instruments such as Singing bowls, Shamanic drums but also a Hang and Cajon. With these instruments, he relaxes groups of people but also the less fortunate amongst us. He also delivers one on one sessions. The Klankwerk training at Soundfulness was the base for professionalizing his Klankwerk activities.

To keep himself focused, he completed a 7-year course at the Academy of Art studying fine arts printmaking last year.

This year he started a Mindfulness course with Buddhist psychology and neuroscience.