Ton van Hout | Concept, Production, Keys, Music production

After learning how to play the electronic organ at a young age, he was way more interested in the modern sound of synthesizers. By lack of money as a young kid, he built his own and started learning about sound creation and sound synthesis.

While joining a garage band, he also started to explore sound engineering. For years you could find him weekly behind mixing desks during various gigs and performances for several groups and at W2 Poppodium.

After a couple of years, he picked up live gigging in a cover band. It was great to get on stage again, but playing covers didn’t satisfy any longer.

To explore new grounds, he started his “Tony and Friends” projects. The projects are based on his idealism to bring people together, to offer them a stage, to create something that is accessible for everyone and visiting the shows free of charge. A recurring theme throughout the festivals is the personal motivation of every musician why a choice for a song has been made. This gives every song a personal touch and intensifies the experience.

Constant personal growth and exploring new technologies is key. That’s why he produced the base for all tracks within the Seasons of Life experience in his studio and made band arrangements for live performance.