First Artistic Reseach Presentation!
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First Artistic Reseach Presentation!

Gizmosis, 11 November 2018

Amazing! The first possibility to share my ideas with a bigger audience. Working on the project and fresh ideas in the studio is different from performing in a bigger venue. Especially working with quadraphonic audio is challenging. In the studio, there is full control about acoustics and listening position. This is not the case in a bigger location.

It all worked out well. In my vision, the first part of the seasons of life should handle about birth. Some researchers believe life originated at deep sea vents. I can buy into that idea.

For me an inspiration to start the demonstration with a quadraphonic sea sound soundscape which worked out very well. Moving from a typical stereo representation to the quadraphonic experience highlighted the beauty of using two additional speakers immediately.


Talking about the winter season touched me deeply…

After the ocean demo, I explained how I experimented about getting surround sound piano sounds to be used live at the stage.

After the real demos, I explained a bit more about my feelings and envisioning of the other seasons. Talking about the winter season touched me deeply. What was happening here?

After that experience, it became clear to me; this was the moment to pick up the idea about writing music to help to deal with my father’s loss.

The power of music is amazing!